Thursday 22 March 2012

Tagged and a book

So I was tagged the other day by the lovely Susan at Canadian Abroad and then the lovely Sarah at Narcoleptic in a Cupboard tagged me again. Now I wouldn't normally play tag (or Tig as we know it here) because it involves a bit much effort but seeing as Susan and Sarah are both my pals, I'll play along :)

Here are Susan's questions:
1. What is your favourite cartoon from childhood?
Probably the Flintstones. My sister and I used to watch it together after dinner.

2. What is your favourite restaurant in the world and where is it?
I love the Tiffin Rooms in Glasgow. It's an Indian restaurant that serves the most delicious light food. Their Bhel Papar is AMAZING!

3. If you could buy any fabric bundle you wanted right now (someone else was paying) what would it be?
It would be a bundle of Anna Maria Horner's velveteens

4. What is your favourite quilt made by someone else? (Please include a link or photo if that is possible.)
That's really hard! maybe this one by Elizabeth Wright on Flickr. I could spend hours just looking at it 

5. I need a day on the beach. Where would you recommend?
That's hard too! I'm not really a beachy kind of girl. The kind of beach I like is a long deserted beach where you can walk the dog. This is my idea of a great beach 

6. If a sewing retreat could be held in the place of your choice and all your friends would be able to attend where would you have it?
I'd make it some fantasy location in the South Island of New Zealand. We would have a huge wooden cabin on the edge of a lake nestled in some stunning mountains. There would be a vineyard close by and a resident chef (that looked like George Clooney) to cook us up some delicious food. If we ever go tired of sewing and talking and laughing we could go out for a walk in pure fresh air and enjoy spectacular scenery.

7. What is the first sign of Spring for you?
Snowdrops and crocuses starting to peep out

8. Do you have a favourite smell?
I love the smell of autumn, that smell of bonfires on a crisp cold day.

9. If you drink wine, what do you prefer - red, white or pink? If you don't drink wine, what is your favourite drink?
It depends on where I am, what I'm doing and the weather! I really enjoy a glass of wine. In the winter I drink more red wine and in summer I prefer white. I'm not crazy about pink , but I really love sparkling wine and would enjoy a glass of that whenever!

10. What sewing task do your dread the most?
Mending things! I hate sewing on lost buttons, or split seams, or meanding hems on school trousers

11. You are making me a desert - what is it, and will you give me the recipe?
Well I've never actually made it, but I love Cranachan. Here is a link to a recipe on the BBC website 

Here are Sarah's questions:

1  Who did you blame for your last public fart?
My children!

2  What's your favourite TV theme tune and why.
'In the Night Garden' on Cbeebies. All 3 children used to love it and it was on just before bedtime. The tune is so relaxing and it used to mean that my day of running around frantically chasing a 4 year old, 2 year old and 1 year old was almost over and I could actually sit down :)

3  Tell me, what's on your 15 minute mix tape and who are you giving it to?
Errrrr I don't know. I don't think I've made a mix tape since I was about 18. Back then it would have been the Breeders, the Pixies and maybe a bit of Neil Young.....

4  Roller boots or roller blades?
Roller Blades

5  If a cushion is a pillow what's a pillow?
A pillow is what I lay my head on when I go to sleep

6  Who is your Dr. (who)?
I was too scared of the Daleks (is that how you spell it?) to ever watch Dr Who!

7  If you don the ruby slippers and click your heels etc, where you gonna end up?
A fabric shop with a wad of cash in my pocket!

8  What fragrance is your fabric softener?
'Sunshine' for clothes, 'Lavendar and camomile' for bedding

9  Bananas - young and firm or old and soft?
Young and firm with a hint of green

10  Why IS a raven like a writing desk?
I have no idea what you are talking about!

11  What was the last thing that totally grossed you out?
A dead deer that is lying on the other side of a stream on our walk to school. It makes me sad, and sick at the same time :(

Now I do not have the energy to think up any questions, or to find people who have not already been tagged.

I have one question for anybody that would like to answer....

Q. What is your best tip for saving time, or making your life easier?


You can leave a comment here and also let me know if you would like this pre-owned lightly used book by Joel Dewberry. I'm trying to clear out the living room in preparation for the arrival of our puppy and Amazon's trade in scheme offered me £0.85 for it! I'd rather give it away!!!!!

If you would like the book, please let me know your email address so I can contact you, and I'd rather send it within the UK because we are saving all our pennies to pay for the puppy! But if you live elsewhere and desperately want it, would you pay the postage?

Fiona x


  1. Oh yes please Fi! I'd like a peek at the book, and then when I've finished with it I'll donate it to our Bee Blessed fund raiser sale in June. Love how your triangles are shaping up. Jxo

  2. I'd love to come to your retreat! And that beach is gorgeous - also my kind of beach!! I love your Hopscotch quilt, it's beautiful!

  3. your hopscotch quilt is so beautiful!

  4. Oh I really love your hopscotch! And thank you for answering my questions :-) I dont really have timesaving tips, it keeps disappearing on me so bloody often!!

  5. I have no time saving tips that should be copied!!

  6. I am so coming on that retreat! I don't save time. I perpetually waste it. I'm the last person you would turn to for help!

  7. Oh, I'm definitely coming to that retreat! I would have said that I read my blogs at lunchtime at work, but the miserable so and sos have blocked blogs since last week - barstewards!

  8. Delegate! Don't try to do it all yourself!

  9. Here's another one. Don't know why I didn't think of it. If your rotery cutter becomes dull, take the blade out, and flip it over.Put a little oil in between the blade and holder first. you will get (almost) twice the use out your blade, and it will save you a late night trip to the store!


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