Monday, 19 March 2012

Swooning and Hopping and a winner!

Finished Swoon Quilt Top!

Last week the productivity continued and I managed to get my Swoon quilt top finished. I'm quite excited about this one because it is for my bed, and my husband actually likes it! I'm not sure yet how I'm going to quilt it. It's pretty big at over 80" square, but I'm thinking about handquilting.

Hopscotch fabrics

I've been desperate to start making a hopscotch quilt and keep going with Katy's QAL, and I made myself finish my Swoon first.

Cutting Hopscotch

Then I got cutting :)


and obsessively piecing over the weekend. Those triangles are really really addictive! This morning I got them all pressed (I just finger-pressed them as I went along) and sewn into rows. Now they look like this....


I'm hoping to get the rows sewn together tomorrow morning. Then I need to do some serious basting :)

Thanks for all the puppy name suggestions. I used Mr Random Number to pick a winner for the Curio charm pack, but the prtscn button on my keyboard is not working, so I can't show you.

But the winner is........

Number 40

Nikki at Sew Quine who said

Sew QuineMar 12, 2012 01:50 PM
aww he's very cute! Name wise I'd go for Murphy, I think it'd really suit a springer. My inlaws had a dog name Steven, imagine walking about shouting Steven, Steven!

I'll send you an email Nikki :)

The puppy is still nameless, but we still have a couple of weeks to pick a name :)

New baby

Had to show the cute puppy picture again :)

Fiona x


  1. Swoon looks awesome Fi! And Hopscotch's looking great too!! x

  2. Oh wow! Gorgeous quilts!!!! I can't get my head around the triangle cutting though lol. Oh and you know I said I'd not heard of anyone else calling their dog Baxter? Day after I read that Scarlett Johansson has a dog called Baxter!

  3. wow! both of those quilts are so cute...and the dog? even cuter!

  4. Fabulous quilt tops Fi! Loving the swoon, and those triangles are stunning. Congrats to Nikki! jxo

  5. Great sewing and congratulations to Nikki. Good see a bloggy friend winning.

  6. I love your quilts Fiona, I'm still going with Swoon at a snails pace ie still got 7 blocks to do.

    Thank you Fiona for offering up the charm pack and, yay to Mr Random Number for picking my comment number :)

  7. Wonderful quilt tops Fiona :-) Bet the kids cant wait to get their hands on wee Murph... lol

  8. Wow! Swoons, Ruby and a puppy! What could be better? Your quilt tops are just lovely!

  9. Congrats to Nikki, and way to go on the Hopscotch!

  10. love the triangles - looks great - as does your swoon....and as for that gorgeous wee puppy - awww

  11. I'm swooning. Love it. And the triangles!

  12. Pretty Swoon and I love those triangles!

  13. Great job with all the sewing, and congrats to Nikki!

  14. your swoon looks gorgeous. I am all set to do the hopscotch quilt too, but haven't decided on my triangle points. any tips for the accuracy of the triangle points? i read that some people said it was difficult, so that has scared me off a bit...I love the fabrics you chose.

  15. How much amazing-ness can you fit in one post? Swoon, those triangles and a puppy!

  16. Oh Happy day! Your swoon is amazing!!

  17. How did I miss this? Your swoon is BEAUTIFUL!! I love bed quilts - I can just see your wee puppy curled up on it!*g*

  18. Love the hopscotch quilt - it's stunning colours! That red is gorgeous. Now, puppy name, I had one suggestion already, but just thought - how about Stitch?

  19. Gorgeous swoon - and I can't believe how quickly your hopscotch quilt is coming together. (And that puppy is very sweet - makes me think of despicable me where the youngest is at the fair and says "it's just so FLUFFY!"


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