Friday 23 March 2012


Basting Swoon

I seem to have developed a bit of an obsession with Camille Roskelly's quilt patterns. First it was Swoon, which I wanted to make for ages before Katy started her QAL and got me started on it. I spent yesterday basting my Swoon and hand quilting has now commenced :)


Then Katy kept the fun going and announced that Camille's Hopscotch and On a Whim patterns were next up in the QAL. Cue Fiona obsessively making triangles and being unable to stop. Those triangles were so addictive! My Hopscotch quilt top is now finished and I LOVE it! I need to decide how to quilt it. I'm thinking about being brave and trying some fancy FMQ but we'll see.

Hopscotch all pieced :)

Then Camille put all her pdf patterns on sale for $5 and I couldn't resist buying one or two (okay 3 of them!)
This is her Jelly Filled pattern, I can't decide whether to add borders or leave it as it is. This was a really quick and easy pattern, and I'll be making more of these :)

Jelly Filled quilt top

You'd think I had enough quilts tops on the go wouldn't you? But I'm itching to start on another of Camille's patterns. I'm planning Wild Thing using either a couple of Whimsy charm packs, or Reunion charm packs. I'm trying to be strong and wait until I've finished at least one quilt but my cutting mat is calling me! I think I have a sickness!!!!


Hope you have a great weekend!
Fiona x


  1. Beautiful quilts Fiona - I say go for it with the FMQ!

  2. I love her patterns, too!! I have a bed quilt for the Chook that's jelly-filled and have always fancied Wild Things. You've got swoon under control, all you need is one other basted and maybe started (thinking about) quilting and you're totally justified in starting another. *g* Go on!!

  3. Gorgeous quilts and patterns! I love your hand quilting on Swoon - what thread are you using?

  4. Wow, those are such cool patterns, I didn't realize they were all by the same person. I am going to have to go see if the $5 thing is still on!
    All of your projects are looking awesome. My vote is no borders, but I'm sure you will figure out something perfect.

  5. oh I'm with you! I did several variations of Swoon before I could move on, just finished Wild Thing (in Hometown), and am debating between On A Whim & Hopscotch next! Absolutely lovely! Can't wait to see what's next with you!

  6. Oh, no! Looks like the $5. sale is past!:) You amaze me & all the lovely quilts you sew up so quickly? Do you have a maid to cook & clean for you??:)

  7. Oh, no! Looks like the $5. sale is past!:) You amaze me & all the lovely quilts you sew up so quickly? Do you have a maid to cook & clean for you??:)

  8. Resistance is futile! Love both of those quilts! Jxo

  9. I am sharing that addiction with you at the moment. Are you going to trim your hopscotch or leave it as is?

  10. Haha you are obsessed but I cannot blame you I want to do Swoon and Hopscotch too! Actually I blame Katy!

  11. you are so good at being obsessed - keep it up if it's going to produce these wonderful quilts so I can drool and turn green with envy!

  12. Corrrrr, lots of lovelies to look at! I think my fave has to be that hopscotch quilt, it's amazing.. can't wait to see it with fancy FMQ on top too! x


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