Friday, 24 June 2011

Embroider Bee - Progress

Embroider Bee - Progress by fionapoppy
I'm working on my blocks for the Embroider Bee over on Flickr.

All these patterns are by Lilipopo. I absolutely LOVE her patterns, but I've modified some of them a little bit.

I'm really enjoying embroidering at the moment. I learned to embroider as a little girl, but it was all fussy, old fashioned patterns that were ironed onto a yucky bit of fabric.Doing it this way is SO much more fun!

Our schools have just broken up for the summer, so my peaceful sewing mornings are over. I've got to find a way to entertain my monkeys instead!

Happy Friday!


  1. lol very cute picture! I do love your embroidery blocks, thats another thing on my list of things to try for quilts :-) Good luck keeping the monkeys happy!

  2. Those blocks do look like fun! It's a great concept for a bee.

  3. The embroidery is lovely but your kids are gorgeous. Great photos of them, especially that one of them lined up under the quilt on the sofa. Love it!

  4. How come your home looks so peaceful!? Now is that the doggy in the balloon or on the bookshelf??

  5. God, I canae embroider for toffee. I need lessons. Or new hands. Or patience. *grins* All three? And sorry, monkeys? They all look like wee angels (even the dog!)

  6. A great project to take on holiday! Gorgeous pics of gorgeous kiddies (& dog!). Ours finish school next week - eeeek! Jxo

  7. Cutest Monkey's I've ever seen! Off school already? We have at least another 5 weeks! Yikes!

  8. Nice blocks, nice kids, nice quilt they are snuggling under!

  9. Your monkeys look so alike and so cute! Love the quilt too that they are snuggling up with. My sister and I struggle to get our kids together given the different hols in Scotland where she still lives and England where I live now.

    Stitcheries are cute too!


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