Monday, 20 June 2011

Brit Quilt Swap - Whirlpool finished!

I just finished stitching the binding on my Brit Quilt Swap!

I finished the hand-quilting a couple of days ago and had a bit of a *Ta Da!* moment where I proudly held it up for my husband to admire...

"Look! I've finished the quilting on this quilt!!!!"
"Oh, er, very nice"
"Thanks! Does it remind you of anything?"
"Er, what's it supposed to be?"
"It's a tropical whirlpool!!! Look there are mermaids and sea creatures!"
"Oh.... I thought it was just some psychedelic hippy sh*t..... but it's er, very nice....."

So.... lets hope my partner can enjoy a nice cuppa in the British Summertime, dreaming of a tropical whirlpool
Is into "Psychedelic Hippy Sh*t" !!!!!!

Peace Man.....

 Happy Monday!.... 


  1. I'm totally digging your psychedelic hippy sh*t man... its like, totally awsome!

    Seriously tho, I want this.

  2. Laura can't have it - because I want it!! I will happily take up psychedelic hippy sh*t or just floating around tropical whirlpools. I love it.(Aren't husbands classic? Mine still doesn't get the concept of the swap at all and wants me to keep the one I made.)

  3. Man oh Man I'm diggin that whirlpool hippy sh*t, big time

  4. ... and this is why all husbands etc think we are mad!!

    I want!

  5. Don't you know I'm a closset hippy - I'll have it thanks! Love the concept of this quilt and the colours and the piecing and the quilting, and, and .... Jxo

  6. Its absolutely lovely fiona!

  7. And I've come here too because I think it is worth a double comment!

  8. Great work!! I love the embroidery/hand quilting on it.

  9. It's sad that (some) men just can't see what we can - or maybe it's just as well as otherwise they'd be hogging the sewing machine! I would love to dive in if I were a better swimmer...

  10. This is AMAZING! I have the same problemo with my hubby...He is imagination challenged when it comes to quilts!

  11. Wow, it is wonderful! Your quilting made it even better!


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