Wednesday, 24 July 2013

On the 16 patch bandwagon

So I did it again. I somehow accidentally started a new quilt.

I kind of deserved it, sort of. I managed to get (almost) caught up on Bee blocks and other things that had a deadline and once the decks were (almost) clear, I figured it was just fine to add another project to the teetering pile of half-done, almost-finished, barely started projects that clutter my house!

A while back I treated myself to a bundle of Bari J's beautiful LillyBelle line, and it has been sitting patiently waiting to play.

I love the 16 patch block and wrote a little tutorial for a 12" version for our do.Good Stitches group to make a 16 patch quilt a few months back (another unfinished quilt that is at the top of the pile!) 

But I decided to follow Steffani's great tutorial, as recommended by the lovely Katy so it makes better use of the FQs that I have. It seems like everybody who has made one of these has marveled at how fast they come together, and it's true!

I really needed some mindless sewing today, something fast and easy so I could ignore my lovely, beautiful, but extremely annoying squabbling children. Our school holidays started 4 weeks ago and they are getting a bit sick of the sight of each other! 

Anyway, I now have 20 blocks which will make a 56" x 70" quilt but I'm thinking I might want to go a bit bigger. I might pour myself a glass of wine, play at arranging my blocks, and raid my stash for a few more FQs.

Happy Wednesday!
Fiona x


  1. Sounds like you've been having a much needed break, and enjoying it! Lovely blocks, that one with the grey is especially gorgeous.

  2. oh, it will be a gorgeous quilt. I might have to start one myself, my kids' summer break started 2 months ago and we still have a month to go :) Sewing machines are so wonderful at drowning the noise of fighting children.

  3. It's going to be gorgeous and it sounds like you needed a break to make something for yourself - it is a keeper, isn't it?!

  4. Oh my goodness 4 weeks into the holidays already?!?! We are 2 days in and I am already going nuts!

  5. I can see why these are so addictive - they are stunning! Your fabric choices are perfect for this design - it has a real vintage feel to it! (I hope that was the look you were after!!!)

  6. Such pretty blocks. Love their scrappiness - my fav kind of quilt! Jxo

  7. I am trying to avoid this one! Especially since I just found 2 finished quilt tops and two more in progress quilts that were not even on my mental WIP list. Your beautiful pictures are not helping!
    Love it with the Bari J, it will make an incredible quilt!

  8. This is going to be beautiful - a very happy accident!

  9. I think you should drug the kids, then you can sew all your teetering pile together :oD

  10. Pretty, mindless sewing is the best!


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