Sunday, 8 April 2012

My Precious

The lovely Kelly has started a QAL and even though it gives me Palpitations to think about it, I'm going to join in. You can read her blog post here, and the Flickr group is here

Precious Mendocino

Here is what I'm think of using

Heather Ross Mendocino Mini Quilt

If I can be brave enough to do it, I'm going to cut up my Mendocino stash and make a big version of this mini quilt I made my mum last year

Precious Recess Precious Heather Ross

If I'm not that brave yet I'm thinking either a quilt just for me from the Recess charms I found in my LQS last week, or my random Heather Ross stash. I've been wanting to use these fabrics for ages, but can't quite bring myself to do it. What if I find a better pattern after I've cut it all up? What if I somehow destroy my precious fabric and can never ever ever get any more? What if the puppy chews it all when I'm not looking?

Chilling out :)

Actually that's a real possibility!

Happy Easter
Fiona x


  1. Great idea... Love your precious fabric too! Hope pup is settling in with quiet nights :-)

  2. Lol don't leave anything precious/important where he can get it or you are setting him up for a fail, get him a puppy kong for when he starts teething they are great because he will want and need to of luck...beautiful picture.

  3. Aww, butter wouldn't melt... ;o) Have fun with your precious stash

  4. When I made my Mendocino quilt I 1)Made sure I still had some Mendocino left 2)had no idea just how difficult it would be to acquire more making 1 all the more important. I look at the mismatched seams etc and think - why did I use my most beloved fabric in a quilt like this - but then I remember I get more pleasure using it than I would having it (all) sitting the drawer!

  5. Oh, do it! Make a big Mendocino bubble quilt!

  6. Keep the pup away from the HR!! And then make a quilt. I spend enough time stroking my HR to know how difficult a task this is but you will make a beautiful quilt - I have never seen you make anything less. And it will be a much better legacy for such fab fabric than languishing in your stash.

  7. Thank for the tip off on the QAL - I have been hoarding my Echo!

    Looks a great idea especially as you have practiced beforehand - you cannot go wrong!

  8. I am saving up my bravery for Kelly's QAL!!
    Oh he looks all sweet now, long may it last!

  9. a big version of that quilt you made your mom would be gorgeous. you can do it! i was also thinking about using some of my HR fabric-- maybe some of my FFA that I have stashed. But I don't have a pattern in mind yet...

  10. 1) Pleeeeeeeze stop posting about the puppy - I can't concentrate on the fabulous fabric when I'm so distracted looking for Murphy images! (I'm kidding, don't dare stop posting about him!)

    2) crate training - we didn't do it with our first girl, then used it to great effect with the second, but only after she'd eaten her way through a mains transformer for a wall light, the internet cable, several cd cases, OH's wallet, glasses box and finally the boot of my car including lights and wiring!

  11. aww, looks like he is settling in well!

  12. I love the idea of the QAL and your plan for your Mendocino - good luck! P.S. Murphy is very, very cute!!


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