Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Little things *Edited!*


I got some very exciting mail this week. I did a little charm pack swap with a lovely flickr friend and I'm sure I got the better end of the swap because she sent me this lovely little hard to find charm pack of Wonderland by Momo. I loved this line when it came out, but back then I didn't know that fabric went out of print, and decided I would buy this 'later' and never managed to find any.


I had also placed an order for the Zakka Style  book compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale after Trudi tipped me over the edge of temptation with her sweet little sewing kits. I'm joing in with the Zakka Style Sew Along happening on Flickr just now.


As soon as the book arrived I got straight to work and used a teeny tiny bit of my precious Heather Ross Mendocino to make my very own little sewing kit. I made a loop and button though because I decided that ties could end up being too much temptation for a certain puppy with a very strong urge to chew anything he can get his wee paws (or jaws!) on.


Yes I'm wearing my PJs. I got soaked on the school run, and put on my PJs and slippers as soon as I got in the door :)

*** Edited to add ***
If you get a wee second it would be great if you could pop on over to the Fesival of HSTs viewers choice to take a look at the gorgeous quilts there. My friend Hadley's Constellation quilt has made it to the top 10! and it would be great if you voted for your favourite (AKA Hadley's) quilt :)

Hadley's quilt from Flickr

Happy Tuesday
Fiona x


  1. If that gorgeous puppy chews and HR I am coming up there to speak to him! Love your Zakka make.

  2. Lovely! You do have a proper doghouse out in the rain don't you?
    Nothing wrong with 'jamas in the daytime!

  3. Sweetie, it's Wednesday. Just sayin'... ;o)

  4. Darling take on the sewing kit!

  5. If I am at home, I am in my PJS, no shame there :D Great job on your Zakka project, especially the pincushion!! Love that mermaid!

  6. Your sewing kit is beautiful! Nice swap too.

  7. eeeek your sewing kit is devine! I had to stop myself buying that book yesterday. I don't know how long my strength is going to hold out though!

  8. Oh that wonderland looks delicious! Can't wait to see what you make with it. Cute needle case too! Jxo

  9. Love your sewing kit :-) I've given in and ordered the book too :-)
    Do you have any plans for your wonderland charms?
    Cute puppy pics, and no shame on the jammies and slippers. It's usually what I am wearing after getting back from the morning dog walk. Wish the rain would clear off!

  10. Love your Zakka and your Jammy style :-)

  11. Love Wonderland and I missed out on it too. I have a little bit in a PIF mini cushion from Reene to enjoy though.

  12. Love your sewing kit and the fact that you also like to get back into your jamas in the daytime!!


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