Sunday 11 December 2011

A Scruffy Christmas Quilt


Just over 2 years ago I found a tutorial on the Moda Bake Shop that I just loved. Rachel Griffith's Scruffily Quilt looked like the snuggliest family movie watching quilt ever! I planned to make a Christmas quilt. It didn't get made that year, or last year, but I was determined to make it in time for this Christmas.

In my last blog post I pondered whether my children would help me baste a quilt on their impromtu day off school. Well, they not only helped me baste it, but they also helped me quilt it! We worked on it most of the day and I promised if it was ready we could snuggle under it and watch a movie before bedtime. I realised there was no way I was going to get it bound in time for movie watching that day, so I did a quick zig zag round the edges of the quilt and we snuggled up and watched the Grinch.


It's now bound and washed and I absolutely LOVE it! I probably wouldn't choose this fabric now, but I love the scruffy edges, and the crumpled, cozy feel of it. The quilting is wonky but I love that too. If you let a 5 year old steer your machine it's not going to be perfectly straight lines you get. The kids love it too and the dog is snuggling at every oportunity!!


Pattern is Scruffily by Rachel Griffith
Fabric is 'Glace' and 'Park Avenue' by 3 Sisters for Moda
Backing is an old flannel sheet that belonged to my Mum - so soft and cozy :)


I got some rather exciting post this week too. The lovely Julia at Cross Patch is having a sale and offering 3 pot-luck charm packs for £15! as well as other delights! I ordered 6 pot-luck charm packs and chose Modern. She emailed me to find out if I wanted a selection or some the same and this is what she sent! I was so excited to open the package to find out what ones she'd sent me! Funnily enough it was Julia that I bought the fabric for the Scruffily quilt from 2 years ago. I seem to remember she was snowed in and took a sledge to the Post Office to post out the fabric. What kind of customer service is that?!?!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!


  1. That does look like a cozy quilt. Perfect for this time of year! Beautiful work and extra fun that the kids had a part in it!

  2. Love the scruffy quilt, perfect for snuggly! I'm quite envious of your charm packs (I also got some from her when she had to take the sledge to the P.O!) and if I could get three Terrain packs I'd be really tempted!! Have fun with them!

  3. Oh scruffy quilt looks super snuggly! Jxo

  4. Oh boy that quilt does look snuggly :-) very impressed you got the kids to help too!

  5. Great quilt! I love my scruffily quilt!

  6. Hee hee, embrace the wonk, it's fashionable right now don't you know... ;o)

  7. What better way to spend a snow day than creating a cozy quilt with warm memories to cherish forever!

  8. Love the family collaboration on the scruffily quilt and it looks just great!

  9. I love this quilt... it looks great & just right for this time of year.

  10. Great family quilt - cosy fantastic xxx

  11. Would like to try this out with some denim scraps from my other rag quilts.


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