Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Babies and Bunnies

A while back I made a wall hanging for a friend's new baby daughter, and she still tells me how much she loves it. It hangs on the wall above the baby's cot.


My friend's sister has just had a baby boy and she asked me to make a similar wall hanging for him. I was so delighted! It so nice that she liked it so much she wants one for her sister too!

Here is my progress so far.


and a close up, the bunnies still need a embroidered clothespeg and some pyjamas.


I think the boy bunnies are going to be so cute in jammies! I'm loving making this!

The pattern is from a Tone Finnanger book (I have a few of her books and love them) and I'm adding in the baby's name and date of birth :)

I'm also planning to make a sprocket pillow/cushion to co-ordinate with it. I made one for my daughter a while back using the fantastic tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew. It's so quick and easy and I think they look great!

Dreamy Pillow

Happy Wednesday!
Fiona x


  1. I love the bunny wall hanging (and I like how you protected their dignity and didn't show them in all their naked glory!!) - looking forward to seeing bunnies in jammies!!

  2. Those bunnies are darn cute. Good job all that loveliness is for presents because I'm going to need a removal truck if I plan on stealing anything else from your house!

  3. Oh great bunnies!! I love that cushion soooooo much x

  4. Oh Fiona, I just love that wall hanging. I'm just going to have to buy that book now.

  5. Awww, the bunnies are so schweet!!!

    And that cushion is gorgeous. I've had that pattern on my make list for far too long now. Need to do it, soon!!!

  6. Hee hee, your post on my Blogger dashboard reads like 'Poppy makes babies and bunnies' and I thought that was awfully clever of you ;o)

    Anywho, the bunnies are fab, so nice of you to cover up their dignity until they get dressed... think the cushion will be great too :o)

  7. Oh those bunnies are soooooo adorably cute Fi! What a beautiful gift idea! Gorgeous cushion too. Jxo

  8. lol sorry, I'm still laughing at the Poppy makes babies and bunnies... you'll need to think of some more fab post titles now! Love the cushion and the bunnies are supercute :-)

  9. Such dignified bunnies! So cute too! and the cushion, well, nuff said already me thinks! Gorgous!

  10. Wow, those are cute bunnies! I love those pillows I want one too!


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