Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My new Apron!

Apron! by fionapoppy
Apron!, a photo by fionapoppy on Flickr.
I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from the lovely Reene and Yvonne at Nellies Nicities :)

I got to choose which item I would like Renee to make especially for me! It was a really hard choice because all the items in her mosaic were so beautiful but I chose a reversible apron to wear while I am sewing.

Image from Nellies Nicities :)

She whipped up this lovely apron for me and it arrived yesterday :) 

Today my 7 year old took these not-so-flattering pictures of me wearing it (please concentrate on the apron, and not my shiny face, floppy hair, double chin or stupid pose!)

Thankyou so much Reene and Yvonne! I love it! x


  1. Gorgeous! And the apron's not bad either! Jxo

  2. The only thing I was thinking "wow lucky Fiona, she's been getting the sun this summer" lol Lovely apron :-)

  3. You look lovely! I think the apron is fantastic. Those Defo a nellies nicety ;-)

  4. I meant: 'it's defo a nellies nicety@ - I'm not sure last part of previous comment was in English? lol

  5. You look very glamorous in your apron :-) glad you like it!

  6. Nothing wrong with those photos. And the apron is fabulous too!


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