Monday 22 August 2011

Little Apples Baby Quilt and more QALs

First of all thankyou so much for all your kind words about my sandwich wrap tutorial last week! They were a great hit with my kids. Apparently they both used the wraps like little picnic blankets and spread their lunch out like a little picnic - sweet!

A school-friend of mine has just had a baby boy. I had always planned to make a quilt for the baby, and knew in the back of my head her baby was due at the end of August.
Suddenly the baby is here and I hadn't given much thought to the quilt!
After a bit of a panic, I grabbed a Little Apples charm pack I treated myself to, and whipped up this super quick and simple baby quilt top. I wanted all the squares to be colourful so I switched the mainly white squares with some leftover It's a Hoot by Momo charms.

I added those white squares to the back, along with some It's a Hoot by Momo and little scraps of Denyse Schmidt.
The green stripe is from Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt. I got this on sale and love using it for quilt backs :)

I would really appreciate soem advice on how to quilt it. I'm still a total novice at free-motion quilting but was thinking about trying a meandering pattern to soften all those squares, what do you think?
I'm tempted to go with what I know and just straight line quilt it, but if I don't practice FMQ I'll never learn.

I'm still behind but in the Summer Sampler Series QAL but I'm getting there. I really love these blocks, and I've learned so much so far.
I'm still not sold on paper-piecing, I just can't cope with the amount of wasted fabric, but I'm really glad I gave it a go. I love the sharp accuracy you get. I managed to use a lot of the odd shaped and little strips in the string block though, so I'm happy. Only 2 blocks to go :)

And finally I've fallen off the wagon again and joined another QAL. I just couldn't resit the Across the Sea QAL hosted by Sarah of Fairy Face Designs and Jennifer of Ellison Lane Quilts
I've chosen Joel Dewberry's Heirloom line, which I got from the lovely Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics and I've popped a couple of solids in too. The grey on the left is my choice for background. I'm really excited about this QAL. I think it's going to be a cozy quilt the lives on my sofa. I can just picture myself snuggled up on a chilly evening, with a glass of wine in my hand and the dog snoozing on my feet :)
Hope you have a great week!
Fiona x


  1. oh, i love little apples! i need to treat myself to some one of these days. as for a quilting suggestion, check out what I did here (enlarge the last pic). This is my current default quilting pattern-- wavy vertical lines. I find it easier than straight line stitching (but I have trouble sewing a straight line, hehe), and its "organic" feel means it's alright if it's not perfect. it creates a densly quilted quilt, great for little kids and families. Looks great after machine washing too.
    I hope you decide on something comfortable that works for you. If you want to try this, let me know (I can send more pics too).

  2. Seeing your fabric selection earlier has made me join the QAL. Love the Little Apples quilt. Such a pretty range. I wish more people I knew would have babies so I had an excuse to make baby quilts.

  3. Love it all!!!
    I took a look at Jessica's block - I quite like the wonky lines, that is about as FMQ as I am likely to get soon - so scared of mucking up a great quilt with some birdsnest knotted awful mess! Good luck!

  4. Its a lovely little quilt :-) You probably have a bit of a point when you said if you dont practice fmq you'll never learn... Good luck!!

  5. Lovely quilt and nice boy gift. FMQ is great. You will curse learning and then suddenly it will all fall into place and you won't look back. I love it and it is sooooo quick to do. Still loving all your other fabric too. I must stalk you and then go to where you buy your fabrics each and every time you get some more.

  6. Ha Ha! I've signed up to that QAL too! What are we like!! I was thinking about your sandwich wraps the other day & wondered if you lined them with sewable pvc fabric i.e. making them wipeable, would that save on the washing? Just an idea. Gorgeous baby quilt btw. Jxo

  7. Your summer sampler QAL blocks are beautiful! I have no suggestion as to how to quilt them - I'm horrible when it reaches that stage of quilting. What ever you choose it will be beautiful I am sure.

  8. Love your Little Apples, can't wait for mine to arrive :-) And your sampler blocks are great. Paper piecing is something I should try but am slightly scared of. And so glad you joined the QAL - love love love your fabric choices, so vibrant!

  9. Your quilt top is so cute. I think you should stipple/meander free motion quilt it. It is not that hard to do in the end, you just have to practice, and it would look great on that quilt.

  10. Loving the top Fi. I'm hoarding my little apples charm pack, no idea what to do with it! RE quilting... Crosshatching might look nice? xxx

  11. I love the top - I'd suggest hand quilting with perle cotton to outline the squares but it would be the perfect FMQ project and you'll be whizzing along by the end!


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