Thursday, 16 January 2014

Finish Along Q1 - The List

Finish Along 2014

I'm going to play again in the Finish Along, this time hosted by the very lovely Katy of the Littlest Thistle. I have quite a big list again, most of which is carried over from the last quarter. So here goes:

1. My Brit Bee round 2 quilt. After Trudi made me the most gorgeous cushion for our Brit Bee secret Santa, I'm more determined than ever to get this quilt made

2. My Happy Go Lucky Hexagon quilt. I randomly started this when I couldn't get those hexagons and stars out of my head and I've just been going with the flow and seeing what it turns into. I'm going to make a plan to get this finished. A baby quilt maybe?

3. Another random start. I fell in love with Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille and bought a fat eighth bundle as soon as it came out. I started piecing these large hexagons but as usual got distracted by other projects.

4. My Scrap Vomit Quilt. I think I might have lost the plot a bit with this one. It was actually quilted, but I wasn't happy with the backing fabric I used (a flannel sheet that I dyed a hideous colour) or the quilting so I ripped out all the quilting and binned the offending backing, so it has regressed back to being a quilt top.

5. My Fat Quarter Shop BOM 2012 blocks need to become a quilt top. I'm still trying to decide on a layout for these blocks, and I'm considering making a second version of each block so the quilt is bigger, I've got plenty of fabric and I really enjoyed making the blocks. I really wish I'd made 2 of each one as I went along, but that's a lesson learned!

6. My Brit Bee round 1 quilt. The lovely Emily basted this for me and I've been steadily working on this until I ran out of thread and had to order more.

7. My FFA2 Dresdens quilt. I think this might be my oldest WIP. I started this when Lynne did her dresdens QAL and loved making it, but once I basted it I fell out of love. I'm hand quilting this one too and I'm hoping I'm going to love it again once I finish the quilting.

8. My freshcut quilt. I was hoarding this fabric for so long and finally decided to use it in a quilt.  Once I finished the quilt top I didn't like it at all and I've ripped out some bits and it's been sitting sadly ever since. I'm thinking I will love it once it's quilted because I still really love this fabric.

9. My Row Along Quilt. I started this QAL that Lori Holt hosted, but I think I got bored and it got abandoned. I love the fabric and either want to use what I've made so far to make something - a baby quilt maybe or some cushions? Or make the rest of the rows and get it finished!

10. Edited! I'm adding in a last one, which is actually top priority! The Tube quilt which I am pattern testing for Lynne. I made up the quilt and then decided that I love it so much I'm going bigger so I have another 9 blocks to make. I know exactly how I want to quilt this and I can't wait to get it finished :)

I'm hoping to get more finished from this list than I did last time. Life has settled down a bit now, so I'll hopefully get more time to sew. Yay!

Thanks to Katy for hosting this year of the FAL

Fiona x


  1. Some really beautiful makes there Fiona. Hope you get to see some of them completed this time around!

  2. What a nice bunch of projects to work on. Di x

  3. you can doooo it (maybe not all of it, though!)

  4. Wow!! You are going to have some wonderful quilts when this is all done. If I stop work on something then I fall out of love and struggle to pick it up again. Good luck. xx

  5. OOO!!! Your row along quilt is going to be gorgeous! You've one pretty list, there!

  6. Fiona, that's an impressive list of gorgeous in progress quilts.

  7. It's a fabulous list! Do you need more blocks for your Brit bee quilt? Good luck with your projects Fiona!

  8. wow! this is a lot for one quarter... or is this the whole year? lol...

    looking forward to following your finishes!

  9. I think Murphy's placed his vote :oD Good luck!

  10. Good luck - it's a pretty list but also a pretty long one!

    P.S. May I ask what colour (and dye) you used for the flannel sheet? Wondering if it's the same one I'm thinking of using...

  11. That's an awesome list - there are 2 on there which I believe should be at the top of the list!!!

  12. Those projects are beautiful - they deserve to be finished :)

  13. A beautiful array of quilts in progress, but, wow, that's an impressive list for one quarter.

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  15. Lots of gorgeous bits here, looking forward to seeing the finished Tube quilt. Good luck!

  16. Yay! Someone with a list about as long as mine! But your's is much, much prettier than mine :-)

  17. Love all the quilting and the pillows too


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