Monday, 11 June 2012

Winners, a walk and some HSTs

Thanks for all the comments on my little FQ Reatreat Giveaway. I sifted through the comments and found that 28 people didn't attend the retreat and would like the chance to win a FQ of London fabric.

The winners are

Sounds like you had a great time. I spent my weekend finishing up some crafts around the house and cleaning. Not nearly as exciting.

It looks like such fun. I spent the weekend in various undignified positions having tests in hospital. Not much of a laugh! Thank you for the chance to win a little something ...

You sound like you've had a great (if busy!) weekend! Loving all your loot and I would loooove a FQ. No preference for me, they are all fab! I spent the weekend cleaning and doing chores but the last 2 days with blog friend Dee!!

Looks like you had a great time at the retreat, you deserve it! Love the goodies you made there and the others you brought home!
The Next Stop London fabric is so cute! Add me to your give-away, I'm a true anglophile!

I'll try to email you before the end of the day, but if you happen to read this first, could you let me know your mail addresses, and I'll get your FQs packed up and ready to send :)

In other news, I have hardly sewn a stitch the last week. Murphy is getting big and I seem to spend all my time desperately trying to keep him out of trouble!

I took a few photos while I was out for a walk with him the other day

Some ducklings on the canal near our house

Some cygnets with their parents in the Marina
Before getting scared off by a nosey springer puppy.

Today I decided it was time to get my machine out and I grabbed the leftovers from Summer Sampler QAL quilt and had a HST fest!

It's going to be a summery cover for a cushion/pillow and I'm planning to hand quilt it using some perle.... if Murphy doesn't get hold of it first!

Thanks for all your comments on my last post. I will reply, promise, when I get a moment. I just wanted to get the winners announced before Monday is over :)

Fiona x


  1. Puppies are a lot of fun and cuteness, but he must learn to leave the sewing alone. Your quilt is looking lovely.

  2. How lovely of you to spread the happiness from the retreat. Murphey is growing so quickly! Think he looks like he wants to jump on one of the swans though!

  3. Murphy is such a cutie - like butter wouldn't melt!
    Congratulations to the winners!

  4. Murphy is getting so big! Love your summery HST's. Maybe they will be a good omen and the sun will make an appearance again soon!

  5. Well done to the winners xxx
    Yep, I have my 'told you so' face on about Murphy!

  6. Love the colours your using for your cushion - so fresh! Murphy sounds like a cute wee rascal! Jxo

  7. And Murphy looks so innocent in that shot! That cushion is going to be gorgeous. Such pretty fabrics and the perle - yum!

  8. Holy crap, I won something! *jaw drops* You rock!! I'll email you right now.

  9. Thats so nice of you to spread some retreat happiness Fiona. Love the colours in your hst cushion, look forward to seeing the finished article

  10. My goodness has Murphy grown! Loving your cushion, looks wonderful, fresh and summery :) Congrats to all the winners including Lynz!

  11. There is so much here that makes me happy! I am in love with Murphy and your perle is just delicious. Yippee, happy post!

  12. What, you haven't trained Murphy to pick winners like Archie does? ;o)

  13. Your summer looks idyllic, with the waterfowl and sweet puppy exuding life! (Wow, that was an exercise in vocabulary, wasn't it?)
    I'm so excited to win one of your FQs! Thank you!

  14. Murphy is a cutie, and a handful too! The perle thread on the HST looks luscious!

  15. Oooh Fiona thank you! I'll email ya xxx

  16. He is adorable! Would he have jumped in??

    Your cushion will be lovely !


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