Thursday 1 September 2011

Single Girl

Thanks for all your lovely comments on the Baby Quilt I made for my friend. It has arrived safely and she loves it :)

I've been in a finishing things mood the last couple of days, and have managed to get a couple of quilt tops basted and have finally finished the Single Girl cushion that I started in January!

 I already made a non-identical twin cushion for my lovely partner in the last round of the Urban Home Goods Swap on Flickr.

 Pillow and zippy pouch made for Jules in the Urban Home Goods Swap on Flickr

But this poor Single Girl Circle has sat in a bag patiently waiting to be a cushion for me. I was planning to hand-quilt it in shocking pink, and there was going to be a zip in the back, and maybe piping, but at that rate it would be next January before it's finished!  

It's pretty huge at 24" and it has been declared the new favourite cushion. Here it how it has looked ever since I finished it - with a little bottom parked on it :)

Only problem is they all want one now. I've roped myself into making another 2 Giant cushions!!!

I made a quilt top during the Single Girl QAL too, but it's still sitting in the bag. I've run out of basting pins!!!

Happy September!
Fiona x


  1. Your single girl cushions rock! Seriously.
    Love the deep purple background :-)

  2. I love the Single Girl cushion!
    I have been looking for the pattern for a while - do you know if it is still available??

  3. I love the quilting on the cushion.

  4. Oh wow fiona! 2 cushions done, a whopping enormous quilt top, and you still feel like doing more?! I'm staggered! They are absolutely lovely though, of course ;-)

  5. I love these, can't see making any in my future though, they always seem way too labour intensive! Well done x

  6. I love that cushion! I thought I'd seen something like it before and now I know why ;-) Be warned if I ever come round your house I intend stealing that cushion lol

    The quilt is cool too. It's not a pattern I can see myself tackling any time soon!

  7. Ha Ha! Run out of basting pins? Now that's one I've never heard before! Your cushion is gorgeous and just the right size that little bottom (am I allowed to say that?!)! Jxo

  8. I love the cushions and I really like the way the different quilting alters the look - very clever!

  9. Wow, that is a lot of single girl blocks, and they are all wonderful. I wonder if maybe you should get some more pins so that you can finish off that lovely quilt top - it will make a great quilt.

  10. They are all beautiful! I love the cushions and the semi-matching little bag for your partner. She's going to be so happy! The deep blue/purple background really works!

    Go on and buy those pins! That top of yours is going to be a fab quilt :)


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