Sunday 15 July 2012

An up and down weekend

Thanks so much for all your suggestions on how to improve my not-so-precious-any-more quilt. So far I've ripped it in half and sewn it together differently and replaced 2 of the squares that bothered me most. There's still a bit of ripping and sewing to go, but I'm taking a break from it for now.

So far this weekend has been very up and down. I usually work on a Saturday but I had the day off yesterday. I decided to pop to my Local quilt shop to buy some basting spray, so I could get the I Spy Snowball quilt basted and hopefully quilted and handed over to Project Linus sometime soon. I discovered there was a sale at the quilt shop and decided I would have a quick rummage.

I quickly began having palpitations because I found this
Authentic by Sweetwater Layer Cake - Eeeek!
  And this 
Blossom by Urban Chiks Jelly Roll - don't know what I'll do with this but I just couldn't pass it up
Original Rouenneries by French General and A pretty spot by 3 Sisters for Moda
 And these all in the sale!!!!! (my credit card is still having palpitations but we'll worry about that later) 

 I had to rush back home because Murphy had been quite sick and had an appointment at the vet. A quick trip to the vet rapidly turned into x-rays and emergency surgery to remove a hair clasp, a stone and part of my poor little puppy's colon :( 
He's back home again and needs round the clock monitoring. Now he looks like this 

 While he was in theatre I decided to do something positive instead of worrying myself sick. I managed to get the I Spy Snowballs quilt basted and quilted! I got the binding stitched down during the night, while I was sitting with Murphy. Here's a little sneak peek, and I'll show it off properly next week. I think it might be my favourite quilt ever!
I Spy a Snowball made by the Joy Circle of do.Good Stitches
 So it's been up, down and up again so far. I'm hoping for peace and relaxation for what's left of the weekend!
 Happy Sunday!
 Fiona x


  1. That's a roller coaster ride of emotions - your LQS haul is SO lovely and the I spy Super cute, but oh my, poor Murphy. I'm glad he's on the road to recovery. Funny how he can still pull off looking adorable in his cone of shame.

  2. Great finds!, poor puppy and can't wait to see more snowballs! Hope your week is full of ore ups!

  3. Wow you've really been on a roller coaster! Hope Murphy and your credit card recovers well! There is a scrap in the low volume pack I included that is for just these kinds of moments. You'll know which one I mean. I meant to say I didn't expect you to include it necessarily, but thought you might like it anyway :-)

  4. Poor little Murphles :-( Hope he's chomping fit soon. Glad you got a bit of sale fabric cheer though, sounds like you really needed it. xxx

  5. Murphy is obviously an inquisitive little puppy. IM glad he's ok now though, hopefully he has learned a lesson ( that hair clasps are stones are not tasty meals! )

    I really like your snowball quilt too

    Kat x

  6. poor puppy :-( I hope he gets better soon!

  7. Aw, poor Murphy. Hope he gets better soon Fiona. Love your bargains btw

  8. Aww, poor wee Murphy, hope he's back to his inquisitive self again soon.

    PS, where's the sale?!

  9. Oh poor doggle! They do get up to such mischief and put us through it!

  10. Ooh your local is a little goldmine!
    Can't wait to see the Snowballs in all its glory.
    As for the Murph-ster, dear lordy, glad he's OK, hope that wasn't a binding clip!

  11. I hear you on the up and down weekend, and I too relished in fabric purchases to make it better. Hope the rest of the weekend is better and your pup heals soon.

  12. OMG, Authentic is my favourite, did they have any more? I am so glad the puppy is recovering but yikes, eating rocks and hair clips. At least you made good progress on the quilt.

  13. Highs and lows indeed! Poor Murphy! And you are great to turn your down into a positive by finishing your quilt! Great job!

  14. The fabrics are just spectacular! What will you make? What will you make?

    Little Murphy! I feel just awful for him :( Take good care of that little fuzzy fella.

  15. Oh Murphy! That's not good! But a good reminder for us with Pepper. She's always chewing bark and rocks outside :s I'll be watching her more closely now! When did Murphy stop nipping?

  16. What a weekend! Hope Murphy is soon on the mend, bless him. Don't let him go thinking that this is going to be his quilt because you made it by his poorly side though! He might be getting ideas.

  17. Poor Murphy - I think he needs a quilt to cheer him up! Is he driving you mad by knocking his cone into everything yet? The last time Archie had one on he kept waking me up as he would want to move his bed and he'd end up crashing into the wardrobe or the end of my bed...I hope Murphy gets better soon - how long before he's allowed to go for a walk?
    P.S. Your LQS must be amazing!!!!

  18. ooh, poor Murphy. Hope he's doing OK, bless him. The shopping looked fun and the snowballs quilt is lovely.

    if the cone drives you mad you could try either a comfy collar or put a t-shirt on him and tie it round him knotting it behind his back so he can't get to the scar. We used toddler's vests on the girls when they were spayed, but Murphy might be a bit big for that maybe?

  19. What great finds! I hope Murphy is feeling better. Love how the snowball quilt turned out! Can't wait to see a bigger reveal.

  20. Oh Murphy! I was distraught when charlie ate my epp but at least he sicked it up and it didn't make him ill. Charlie tends to eat soft things that pass through like soft furnishings and he especially likes our chickens droppings, yuk!

  21. Poor pup! He needs a better diet though!

    Love the snowballs! No fight with these ones but hope they keep someone very cosy!


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